A Visit To The Site Of Selfie Hill Mertelu Engrossed In Purbalingga

Nature tours of the Hill Mertelu in the village Sangkanayu, district Mrebet, Purbalingga, became one of the new tourist destinations that offer natural beauty. Nature tours the newly opened on 25 June, it's been getting up to 18,000 visitors in a month's time when Lebaran.

Mertelu lies at an elevation of Hill 913 Mdpl and is about 35 kilometers from the town of Purbalingga. This location offers spot-the spot for selfie with the style of the present tour. Views on the Hill of Mertelu can be viewed 360 degrees or be able to see the side of the South, West, North and East. Even the town of Purwokerto, Purbalingga City to Mount Slamet can look from here when the weather is sunny.

 "Offered view can see 360 degrees, West, East, North of the stricture. Usually at other places can't see 360 (degrees), here could otherwise fog can see morning, afternoon, sunset and sunrise can plasticity from here. There is another view of Mount Slamet, was a town of Purbalingga city Porwokerto,  "says Sugeng Utomo Perhutani KPH Banyumas East, Thursday (5/10/2017).

Here the video:

According to him, the hills of Mertelu currently managed locally by people around, the LMDH and the Forestry Department with the probe spot is still minimal. There was a swing of the sky, the bridge, the post's point of view as well as another vehicle to take pictures.

 "Originally here just for a main, the place of camping, but because the visitors feel relived with the beauty of the hills of Mertelu. Finally a local community initiative to mengambangkan again here so that there are more visitors and they feel comfortable, "he said.

To go to the Hill of Mertelu, visitors had to walk up the Hill about 15 minutes away. During the walk to the Hill of Mertelu, the Manager has given the spot to rest and continue to improve the road to the Hill by placing a delimiter. Visitors must walk between the chasm with a very beautiful natural scenery.

Here the picutures:

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