Do you dare to Selfie Peak Sendaren Bridge in Purbalingga?

Purbalingga, Central Java. You know this place is where? Don't get confused ya. Purbalingga and Probolinggo was different. The one in Central Java and the other was in East Java. Purbalingga surrounded an area which surely you know like Banjarnegara and Banyumas, Pemalang.

For students in Central Java is certainly no stranger to the money museum and puppet museum located in Purbalingga, Central Java. Tourist destinations in Purbalingga, not just museums and monuments just kok. For example the Lawa Cave located in kecamatan Karangreja, or pick strawberries in Karangreja. Well, currently there is one of the tourist destinations that hits on Instagram. Netizen called it the bridge selfie. True, the bridge selfie Peak Sendaren this is most bridge Purbalingga fitting for selfie that are at the top of Mount Sendaren.

As usual, not easy to reach the Summit of Sendaren. The road to the Summit of adventuresome enough Sendaren with diverse terrain. But, you guys don't have to worry if a hike with friends. His tiredness to be paid off after getting to the Summit of Mount Sendaren. Panoramanya will not be replaced with a good steak though.

Sendaren peak is guaranteed secure. As long as it is not occupied by a lot of people. Cautious, Yes, you have to take turns. Because selfie is now many yanks of death. Even the Red Bridge in Aceh only ever fallen due to excess weight of the addict selfie. At the peak of Sendaren is of course only for those who are not phobias against height.

Here the videos of Peak Sendaren

If you do not receive a turn during the day, don't have to worry about. Because you can camp on the peak of Sendaren. Night view with bertabung stars on the top of Sendaren is not less interesting. You can get creative with the camera and extra lights to make light painting photos that ciamik. Especially if there are rays of the full moon. Add calm atmosphere is guaranteed.

Sendaren peak is suitable for all of you budding climbers. Height approx. 682 mdpl. Surefire Sendaren Summit now always made the hunters favorite spot sunrise sunset also. Its not nahan deh anyway. The address of the location of the peak of this Sendaren resides in the village of Panusupan, Kabupaten Purbalingga, Central Java.

The popularity of the peak Sendaren is already up to echo to the capital. As reported by of, in the day especially during the weekend, the top Sendaren it can be loaded with up to 1,035 people in one day, the traveler came from big cities such as Jakarta to Semarang, Yogyakarta. If you guys here will be charged a ticket Rp. 5,000 motorcycle parking and Rp. 2,000 perunit. The duration of the trip with steep sloping streets are sometimes estimated at only about 1.5 hours of kok. How, attracted selfie on top of Sendaren?

Here the photos:

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