Enjoy the beauty of the village of Gunungwoled in Purbalingga

The village of Gunungwuled which is in the Sub-District of Purbalingga Regency of Rembang turns out to have a lot of tourism potential that has not been exposed. During this time, Gunungwuled was indeed defeated famous with other sights in Purbalingga. Like Goa Lawa, Panusupan tourist village, and the Village Attack.

However the village is bordered by forests and mountains, saves the diverse natural beauty of potential that could be developed as a tourist destination in Purbalingga.

Access to the village of Gunungwuled is indeed yet  "exceptional ", compared the way to other tourist sites of Purbalingga. The road to the village is still narrow and large vehicles can not pass.

 "Village of Gunungwuled actually has the potential to be developed into tourist village. Because many natural attractions worthy made a site visit of tourists,  "says one of the characters in the villages of Gunungwuled, Mimbarudin to Radarmas when found in the porch of the village of Gunungwuled, some time ago.

He explained, several places in the village of Gunungwuled, among others, developed a decent Curug Subordinates. This place is called Curug Subordinate because it is set in the hamlet of Subordinates.

In addition there is also a tour of the water be Kalianget hot springs. This tourist attraction is almost the same as hot water attractions that are in Baturraden, Banyumas Regency.

The village of Gunungwuled also have the Curug Kalipete. Curug Kalipete is a series of waterfalls along the Times Panyatan. Located in the hamlet of Coral Later. The journey to Kalipete could do a package with trip Curug Subordinates.

In the Mountain Village of Wuled there are also attractions Watu Geong of Javanese language which means stone that hangs. The uniqueness of this place has to offer is the presence of giant stones of a House, such as hanging in one of the mountain peaks to the South of the village of Korakan Gunungwuled.

In the village of Gunungwuled there remains the Onje, who visited the people from outside the area on a given day. But si Onje will be closed during the fasting month. Before entering the month of Ramadan, there was an event called the Dungeon.

 "Si cover Onje Tradition already lasted decades. Normally done Fridays called Kliwon as falling before the fasting month. Coverage of the event in the form of clean-up the area around the remains of the ancient tomb and pilgrimage,  "he said.

Here the videos:

Time of event coverage, hundreds of people from the village of Gunungwuled and the surrounding villages flock to Si Onje. They come with a variety of food such as nasi tumpeng, side dishes and vegetables. Later it will also cut the goat cooked directly on the edge of the river.

Bupati Purbalingga h. Tasdi SH MM and Vice Regent of Dyah Hayuning Pratiwi keep pushing apparatus at the village level to innovate for the sake of progress. One of them is by developing the potential that exists in the villages to improve the welfare of the community and the original Income-producing village (PADes).

? Here there are existing Kalianget in the hamlet of Penthul. Try processed into tourism village, later if its potential is great, the local Government will help,? the word Tasdi.

Here the pictures:

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