Flower Garden Kutabawa "Kutabawa Flower Garden " Purbalingga

The beauty of Kutabawa Flower Garden in Purbalingga, indeed no doubt, because lately lots of photos selfie or wefie are set in the flower garden kutabawa scattered in social media and is often criticised by citizens of the net tertutama woman who is searching for a spot to take pictures that are hits. let alone a kutabawa flower garden offers photo spot set in a flower garden with many kinds of beautiful flowers, where women who don't want to pay a visit to the flower garden on this one? hehe

Kutabawa Flower Garden opened in March 2017 and until now never deserted visitors although as of now is still in the development stage. In addition to the beautiful flower garden and ample kutabawa flower garden also has a cool air typical of mountain regions are indeed due to its location at the foot of slamet. Surely this will make you guys happy tourists linger to enjoy the fresh mountain air and the beautiful flower garden.

Flower Garden Kutabawa  "Kutabawa Flower Garden " Purbalingga

General Information
Kutabawa flower garden or cool Kutabawa Flower Garden is one of the new attractions in the area at the Sub-District of Purbalingga Karangreja village Kutabawa. Located directly under the foot of Mount slamet and not far from the post of slamet. Here visitors can enjoy different types of flowers are wrapped with a cool air on site kutabawa flower garden. Selfie or wefie activities are certainly not to be missed, especially tamanya design is very photogenic. There are 18 kinds of flowers and some of which his seed imported from Bandung. Whereas in terms of amenities, when it does not yet fully completed. There are still a variety of ornaments that are still ordered and will be installed in the garden area. Kedepanya will be built some kids rides as well as a villa in the area of tourism.

In addition to the keindanhan natural kutabawa flower garden in the area of purbalingga precisely at the foot of slamet is indeed many natural tourist offers keindanhan with cool air sample other attractions not far from the location of the Kutabawa Flower Garden: Nature Tourism Goa Lawa, Rest Areas Of The Valley, Climbing Mount Slamet, Mountain Tourism Lompong (Telkom), Pudang Mas Sikopyah. that's what the tourist destinations are located not far from the flower garden kutabawa.

Here the pictures:

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