Kampung Dwarf Hobbit Houses in Purbalingga slopes of Mount Slamet

Hometown Serang Dwarf Hobbit Houses in Purbalingga slopes of Mount Slamet-is nature tourism that is initiated by the youth of the village Brobahan, village of Serang incorporated within the Group of institutions Forest Village Communities (LMDH) cooperated with Perhutani as the owner of the land.  "Kampung Dwarves " is located in the highway Attack, the village of Brobahan sub-district of Purbalingga Karangreja province of Central Java.  "Kampung Dwarves " is a forest area of 3.5 Hectares with tree resin plant planting years 1952.

Kampung Dwarf Hobbit Houses in Purbalingga slopes of Mount Slamet
Kampung Dwarves Purbalingga

Naming  "Kampung Dwarves " itself is the naming of the philosophical, because natural tourism located in Serang, RPH swath 40J BKPH Slamet Mountain to the East, the East is Banyumas KPH forest giant tree resin that makes visitors feel in it small like dwarves.

Nature tours with the concept of green edutainment. With a location in the form of beautiful Dammar forest area, this tour offers the typical charm of the natural freshness of the mountains. A relatively new tourist destination is located in the hamlet of Brobahan Village, sub-district, Serang Karangreja, Purbalingga. Its location is the woodlands Dammar Perhutani Swath 40J RPH Serang, Slamet Mountain East, BKPH KPH Banyumas East.

Flower Garden Kutabawa  "Kutabawa Flower Garden " Purbalingga
KAMPUNG DWARVES have some rides and facilities that will make your visitors can find unique values behind the simplicity of nature. Home of dwarves as the main icon for this tour was the pre-eminent object that will satisfy the tastes and trends of self-help photography today. The existing tree house in Kampung Dwarves can also be used to relax, of course as the swafoto area of interest. In an area of 3.5 acres there are also other interesting spots such as Hammock Rempong, Romantic Corner, a traditional game Area, Outbound Area, field of activity, Flying Fox, High Rope, Camping Ground, library, Canteen and Deck Selfie Dwarves as spot food and gift shop. Nature tours Kampong Dwarves also has bathroom and toilet facilities, parking the vehicle, a small mosque and there is also a package of Home Stay in housing residents around. In addition, there is also a waterfall Curug Lawang the development of Kampung Dwarves with the mileage is just 15 minutes walk from the village relaxing Dwarves.

The road to kampung dwarves purbalingga is easy to reach because it is the lowliest village attack which has lots of famous sights, with tourism potential that continue to be developed by either the County Government purbalingga, as well as by the villagers attack themselves. The road to kampung dwarves is pretty good with regular asphalt repaired but you should still be cautious because the contours of the road uphill and winding mountains.

The location and the route towards kampungs dwarves attack purbalingga, as already described above, address kampung didusun Brobahan, dwarf Village, sub-district, Serang Karangreja, Purbalingga, Central Java.

The route from the direction of Purbalingga, Purwokerto and:

-From Purwokerto to Padamara, Purbalingga-after reaching the town of dipurbalingga just turn left or North to grab onto the Sub bobotsari, will pass the Sub bojongsari with Owabong Tours that are already well known, and then get the Sub-District of mrebet roughly 3 km before arriving at the kecamatan bobotsari precisely dipertigaan salaganggeng turn left towards the village of attack (there are directions Board dipertigaan salaganggeng  "mountaineering path slamet, tour, tour the vineyards of argo stroberry,  ") it is one direction towards kampungs dwarf, exactly on JL. Raya Brobahan, 1 km before beautiful valley rest areas.

The route from the direction of Pemalang:

-Take the direction Belik-Gombong-Kutabawa/Pratin then turn right in the direction of the village of Serang (garden strawberry). Kampung Dwarves were on JL. Raya Brobahan, 1 km after the beautiful valley rest areas.

How much is the price of admission kampung dwarves purbalingga?
To find out the price of admission to purbasari mas purbalingga shower can be seen in the price of the entrance ticket to Kampung Dwarves Purbalingga.

There are facilities or any vehicle in the village of purbalingga dwarf?
The home of Dwarves or Hobbits House
Tree House
Curug Mace
Home Stay Dwarf
Library Kuraci
The Canteen Dwarfs
Romantic Corner
Traditional Game Area
Flying Fox
Hammock Rempong
Outbound Area
Field Of Activities
After Rope
Selfie Deck
Other support facilities:
Bathroom and toilet
The parking of vehicles
Small mosque
Home stay
For further information please contact:
Kampung Dwarves Jl. Raya Brobahan Distric Karangreja Attack Village Of Purbalingga In Central Java.

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