Lantern Middle Mountain Rice Field Wuled Of Rembang

The results of the ngelihat accounts instagram finally nemu is also one of the spots that create a cool visit in Purbalingga. The name Central Mountain Wuled Rice paper lanterns Rembang located in the hamlet of Subordinate Village of Mount Wuled Subdistrict of Rembang Purbalingga.

Would not want to have to be really proud that I recognized the same Purbalingga that its tourism was further advanced. No wonder the deh if Purbalingga can often be an award in the field of tourism.

When the HIGH SCHOOL used to be, I him attractions in Purbalingga, just there is a swimming pool in the same Walik Owabong (Object There Water Bojongsari).

Now after I lived in Lampung, really new tourist attractions buanyak in Purbalingga, which would be a list list of attractions that will be when I visit home town later.

Here the videos:

Duh, when ya can go to Purbalingga hehehe. Kangen sama atmosphere ngapak, sroto, and mendoannya.

Biyunge, nyong baliiiiiiii wanted to 😀

Lantern Middle Mountain rice terraces Wuled the Rembang Beneran Make Drool
If in the area there are Kampung Karangreja Dwarves, children Love Talagening, Attack the Valley of beautiful and Rest areas, as well as a Kutabawa Flower Garden in the area there are also the perfect tourist village Gunungwuled not lost away.

Both went into the area of the plateau, coolness in this place ever made the outdoors are more prominent.

There are three tourist destinations in the village mountain tourism Wuled: Panyatan, the apex Sibarat Curug, Central Mountain Rice paper lanterns and Wuled of Rembang.

Lantern Middle rice in Gunungwuled has a length of 80 meters with colorful lights decoration.

Lantern Middle mountain rice field wuled of rembang
Lantern Middle Mountain rice field Wuled of Rembang, photos by instagram @disporaparjateng
The Lantern is in the middle of rice paddies, with decorations in the form of a path in the Middle, and then on the right and left there are the pillars of wood, each given a single Lantern.

If malem certainly would pretty much pay a visit to the Central Rice paper lanterns.

Lantern Middle Mountain rice field Wuled of Rembang Purbalingga fit really visited on a weekend with the family, gather unwind, saturation of employment, under the lights of the lanterns in the middle of a rice field, accompanied by the sound of crickets 😀

Simply pay a 5 thousand rupiah we can already feel the beauty of the middle of this rice paper lanterns, which opened at 8 a.m. to 9 p.m..

The way towards the Middle Mountain Rice paper lanterns Wuled Rembang
Make you guys who wanted to play to the Middle of the mountain Wuled Rice paper lanterns Rembang, you can steer the vehicle to the village of Sumampir – the village of Rembang Tanalum – T-junction Hillbilly Pucung Rumbak – turn right and go to the Mountain Village of Wuled.

Do not hesitate to ask the citizens, because the location is indeed mblusuk 😀

From the center of the town of Purbalingga distance is about 20 km.

Lantern Middle rice field is one way by road to the peak Sibarat of Rembang.

Gimana gak, wanted to remove tiredness is also in the Middle of rice fields of Mount Lantern Wuled of Rembang Purbalingga?

Here the photos:

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