Pudang Mas Sikopyah, a new Destination in the tourism village Attack

Destinations in the tourist village, sub-district, Serang Karangreja, Purbalingga, increasingly complete. This time, citizens in the local village of Dukuh Kaliurip, develop tourist attraction ' Sikopyah ' Mas Pudang.  This destination location only about 1.5 kilometers from the rest area D'LAS (Beautiful Valley Attack). And is sekitar1 kilometers through the translucent of spring Sikopyah.

Does not vary much with Beautiful Valley attack, this tourist attraction is also presenting a place of romance with an air of cool mountain air at the foot of Mount Slamet. Tourists who come to the tourist area of attack, more and more options. Previously, there was a Hill in the village of Mertelu destination Sangkanyu, Kecamatan Mrebet, then a variety of rides in the Beautiful Valley of Serang, Kutabawa flower garden in the village of Kutabawa, viewing the mountain Lompong Mountain Adventure Tourism, Malang, Higland Attack and last the latest is Pudang Mas.

"Pudang Mas, was originally an area of the camp that was conceived in 1980 's. When it is students who do real work College named Praise and Endang and conducting tours Pudang Mas. Pudang stands for Praise and Endang, while Mas is the length of the community. That is, thanks to an idea of Praise and supported by the General Endang Kaliurip, finally created the area of the camp and tour Pudang Mas, "the story of the fortunes (39) and (40) of the citizens Nurkholis Dukuh Village, Serang, Kaliurip Friday (15/9).

Fortunately and 10 other partners shared Nurkholis, in some time this last return enlivening Pudang Mas. "First, the area of the camp and tour Pudang Mas, got terbengkelai, but along with the large number of tourists who come to the village to attack the citizens of Kaliurip, then we moved to revive the site Pudang Mas," said a volunteer Nurkholis funds improving that tourist destinations.

Nurkholis explains, although recently opened a two-week tourist visit, but began to show increasing trend. Average on Sunday, tourists who come can reach 200-Ness people. The entrance ticket is still relatively cheap, namely Rp 2,000 per person and parking is Rp. 3,000, are currently Rp 2,000 motorcycle parking. "We continue to restructure the existing rides, ranging from gasebo place to relax, a tree house, parking lot, children's rides, and a number of other rides," said Nurkholis.

Nurkholis and Fortunately that became the driving force of revamping Pudang Mas confessed, though not many rides, but the location is very convenient for Mas Pudang communicating with the family. For the Office, pair can be used to memadu love. Spot on Pudang Mas also could be a vehicle of selfi photos. Spot it as there is a bridge of Enchantment, Hill rides love, curug kricik, bridges, tree-house singles with a height of approximately 12 meters and other spots. Rides such as the vegetable garden kobis, horticultural plants and flowers muncang could also be a spot to take pictures.

"The presence of the Pudang Mas, it at least could be a tourist attraction for visitors who come to our village," said Untung Nurkholis which is interrupted.

The villagers also getting excited, because with so many tourists, the community could sell small snacks such as mendoan and warm drinks. "The economics of our citizens increasingly terdongkrak with the number of tourists who come to Pudang Mas," said Untung.

Nurkholis and Fortunately also kept pouring ideas for tourist rides Pudang Mas, as the spacecraft feeding to rabbits, fringing, and riding arena Sikopyah. "We will prepare a package of fringing Sikopyah. The name Sikopyah is the source of the springs in the Attack and was able to raise hundreds of thousands of citizens and residents Attack Purbalingga. This tour package, invites tourists to realize to love nature and conserve water sumbermata into the lives of hundreds of thousands of residents of Purbalingga, "he said. (Se)

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