The name Igir peak, enjoying the green of Purbalingga of altitude at the village of Panusupan, Rembang

Igir Name Is the highest peak in the tourist area of the mountain village Name Panusupan, Rembang, Purbalingga. This tour starts in young people a few this weekend, how does the enchanting beauty can make everybody want to see it and enjoy it. Maybe for some people it sounded familiar, that I actually live in purwokerto just recently heard and his friends are there in purwokerto is not fully know the tour recently.

Here the videos:

The Summit also had the name igir ketinggan 640 mdpl, for to this place it takes no small struggle. You have to walk like a climbing mountain peaks, but you don't have to worry all the way Many resting place, roads have also been well managed, there is a rope and bamboo fence that can be used to grip when you climb, but visitors should also be cautious because the rainy season makes roads become slick. You guys also don't need to worry because of the tired and sweat because of it will be paid with stunning views from the top of this hill.

At the peak of the name igir you guys will find this akhir2 Tree House so the mainstay of tourism some areas call it resort, jogjakarta, quiet guys but now citizens of Purbalingga, Banyumas, Cilacap, and surrounding areas can enjoy the beauty of a tree house igir name, ga lost beautiful ko ... In addition, in the area the name igir also you will become another tourist like Curug Luwang areng and also there is a mountain of a young, wonderful isn't it? When you guys get tired, tired of you guys can play water all-you-can-eat du curug. Even you guys could also be camping at the top of the Hill.
So, feel free to pay a visit to this place, and janga forget keep the sustainability of our natural Yes, yes starting with ourselves, with no any dump, and with no damage tanaman2 is there, Oh yes, to provide visitors a physical bug AR, climbing gear, raincoat, suapaya all safe consumption under control.
and remember:
1. do not take any pictures
2. do not hunt any time
3. do not leave any trace
4. do not leave before the fire was extinguished

Here the pictures:

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