The peak of Sibarat, the Beauty of nature and the present Spot at an altitude of Purbalingga

Gunungwuled in Purbalingga, Central Java is the location for this well known and so talks on a variety of media traveling because it has a nature that is so pretty. One of its main attraction is the waterfall that is so alluring. But there is encouraging news, not only the charm of the falls are offered. There are tourist destinations that are currently present hits and much visited by tourists, especially social media literate generation. These sights called Sibarat Peak.

The peak is located in the village of Sibarat Gunungwuled, Rembang, Purbalingga, Central Java. This peak is one of the tingggi plain which is quite steep, typically reaching 200 metres away and make you need to slightly pull out power. Its location has jara approximately 20 kilometers from the city center. For a more or less peaked, takes 15 minutes. While up above, you will be presented a special landscape and make crazy about.

Here the videos:

Peak Sibarat stunning panorama which is very alluring. Well suited for you that photography Rober at sunrise (sunrise) or also the sunset (sunset). In this location there is a camping ground bridge to selfie that also features the Tower of 7 meters, as well as the House upside down. Another thing that makes this a privileged destination, there is a pine forest that can be used to menyejuk.

Another spot in the neighborhood of the Summit Sibarat

A nature special, Via Instagram beckhi_mas Nature, Via Instagram beckhi_mas
If you are visiting here, there are other very Rober spot very pity for you miss, its name is Gunungwuled tourism village. There is no spot fields equipped with Lantern-lantern that beautiful and alluring. The location is also not far from this tourist destination, still one place.

Forging a new one this tour opened on May 7, 2017 ago along with three other destinations, namely the Curug Panyatan and also Middle Rice paper lanterns. Because it might be the destiansi tours, entry fares are also very affordable. You only have to pay the parking fee is Rp 2,000, and Rp 5,000 tickets for each of the tourist destinations.

The location is very pretty and a lot of the Instagenik of the present spot, of course these sights so it is the perfect location to get a holiday special. Now more and more, would option if planning a vacation to Purbalingga, Yes.

Here the pictures:

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