Viewing Peak Telkom: Place Engrossed in Purbalingga

Some time later, appeared many new tourist attractions in Central Java. Starting from educational tours, extreme tours to nature. In Purbalingga himself, not long ago a spot which is prepared as a weapon to hook the tourists. His name is Viewing the peak of Telkom. Its location was in the mountain Lompong or more precisely in the village of Kutabawa, coral Parings, Purbalingga, Central Java.

The spot there has not been a single year age presents a panorama of mountains and rolling green hills. Plus, the air is very cold make Telkom Peak Viewing very fitting for a moment to unwind. Now, if you want to spend the afternoon in Purbalingga, try here.

Viewing Peak Telkom is actually still managed independently by local citizens. That's why the facility provided is less for the size of nature tourism. But fear not, the beauty of Peak Viewing sebeb Telkom still you can enjoy freely.

What's interesting in Viewing Peak Telkom?

Telkom's Peak viewing photos from @aam_riyanto
Here you can enjoy the fresh air of Purbalingga. Greet the Sun hiding in the West, hear the roar of the wind silently reduce body tired and wound your heart. Or at least, you can make the Viewing Summit Telkom as background in the frame of fotomu. Guaranteed results fotomu will make followersmu grow! Oh yes, because it is located at an elevation of, so you can see the expanse of the city of Purbalingga, which looks like a miniature. Especially when the evening Peak Viewing Telkom will be transformed into a place of ter-romance in Purbalingga!

Here the videos:

If you would like to here you get directly to the Rest Area Strawberry in the village. After that, the ride continues upward to the top of Telkom. Well, not until 1 KM you arrive in Peak Viewing Telkom. Access the course is quite good for a vehicle. But only motor vehicles could reach the point location. The car can only reach the Rest areas of Strawberry. Oh yes, the ticket price of peak Viewing Telkom is cheap, namely Rp. 5,000/person.

Our message, keep the hygiene. Dispose of trash in its place. Don't do the intimidating people in the round. Be wise traveler, guys!

Here the pictures of Viewing Peak Telkom: Place Engrossed in Purbalingga

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