Weirs Slinga Slinga Village Park, take advantage of the Attractive tourist destinations as the Dam

Weirs Slinga irrigation network infrastructure is very important for draining agricultural land in some areas in Purbalingga. In addition, the dam holds Slinga became an important means in reducing the impact of floods caused the frequent klawing River wet season.

In the village of Weirs Slinga Slinga, Kaligondang, Purbalingga Subdistrict. From Kodim 0702 Purbalingga North approx 4 km. Through Conscious Group tours (Pokdarwis) Shoots of hope Village Slinga, currently Weirs slinga started first settled became one of the tourist destinations in district Kaligondang.

The Name Of The Weirs Slinga Innovation Park
Manager Pokdarwis Shoots Of Hope
Village Address Slinga, Kaligondang, Purbalingga Subdistrict, Central Java
Contact Ari Suseno
Phone + 62-856-4392-0239
Concept Tours Garden Tours and water with the name "Slinga Weirs Park", Pokdarwis Shoots of hope began to supplement the facilities for tourist and costs of non-governmental members of the Pokdarwis.

There are seven existing rides at once can be used as a place of selfie in Weirs Slinga Park, namely bamboo raft selfie, fringing the river tour boat to klawing selfie, boat dive towards Weirs slinga, gazebo to relax, Gocart for kids games Slinga Weirs, trampoline, as a vehicle of education

When the river water discharge Klawing is not too large, the provider of the Weirs Slinga Park also caters for minimum tubing packs 10 people. They already have the equipment in the form of tires and floats as a safety, each as many as 20 pieces.

Here the video:

To enjoy fringing Weirs Slinga using boats or bamboo raft just pay 5ribu rupiah per person. As for the tubing pegged the price of the 50 75ribu rupiahs per person depending on mileage.

To improve the excursions, on big days warning, Weirs Slinga often roll out the race and festival. Take for example, in 2017, the dam holds Slinga deploying race oars, fishing competition, and the race boat.

Here the pictures:

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